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    Destiny Salazar
    April 01, 2024

    Very good place they renewed everything and it’s so much better . So we thought . We had a crappy experience the first time because although I booked a two bed bedroom for 2 PEOPLE, and I even called ahead of time to make sure we made the reservation correctly . She had a gross attitude the entire time about us being there the time we were there, and still ended up charging me extra for myself being the “ guest “ yet my reservation was supposed to be two beds for two poeple . she rushed us into our room and always kept walking by our room and looking thru the windows while she walked by . It was even hard for her to give us quarters for the dollars we had for the vending machines THAT THEY PROVIDE FOR US. This second time she went up to our room saying we were “ dealing drugs “ out of the hotel becuase I kept going outside to ONLY two different cars . Yet the whole time it was a friends who came to smoke with me while we waited for another friend to show up and apparently she knows exactly what drugs deals look like so I told her to call the cops if that’s what she really thought and they would take care of it . She didn’t . Instead she walked in the halls telling my friend and I that “ she (me) needs to shut her mouth before I take you out of the room “. All because she couldn’t prove I was “ selling” . Oh but it doesn’t end there . Both times we stayed at this hotel we had to cover any openings such as the vents and anything that let the stench in . I’m not sure if that how the hotel it’s self smells or if it’s the people that have been living there for months . Lastly . They kept my entire deposit over a few towels that had NON PERMANENT hair dye on it which I tried to wash one off myself to see if It would come out and IT DID . So I wasn’t worried about it . Either way the deposit is the least of my worries. This hotel needs to get rid of that old freaking lady. She’s not fit to be around anyone . The sad part is that one of the employees herself told me that the old lady is very rude and she does everything to stay away from her. Even tho all that had happened I was still pretty satisfied with the cleanliness of the place but the employees are horrible . They can reply whatever they want to my review but that whole stay was disgusting . Here’s some pictures of the room the first time we stayed it looked as if they had been laid on (I still didn’t complain) also here’s a picture of how the doors are set up . The second time I stayed here I was very satisfied with how clean it was but the smell was extremely worse than the first time . This is my second and LAST time staying here . I’ve talked to a couple buddies and they have had similar experiences especially with the older lady . If u can’t handle customer service and u can’t handle ur temper YOU should NOT be working around people . Especially calling people drug dealers when the whole time we are trying to respect your rules . Oh and keeping 50$ for towels you guys are gonna wash off and re use is just disgusting. I’ve done my hair for years and know what dyes come out and what will stain . Very very disappointing and I’m very dissatisfied. Seeing other reviews that say similar stuff is sad and you guys need to make a change . 50 dollars for 2 towels is crazy and she charged me for another towel that was covering a vent except I forgot to take one down and that’s why I didn’t get my 50 . Simple as that . You guys can try and deny all that but if your own employee can sit there and say the same thing and tell us about how gross and how rude everyone is there, that is more than enough to prove my findings and my to support my opinion.

    Joseph Barger
    October 25, 2023

    I have had a lot of experiences in hotels here in Colorado. This hotel has been one that I have not ever found any interest in staying in due to the location and the the smells when you approach the building itself. Personally I think the overall stay wasn't terrible. Then nearing the last day/night at this place the owner I think not totally sure do to his inability to make his position at this establishment known. Came to my room to act as if he were my parent and let me know that I am NOT to have anyone stop by?! I didn't find that rationale only do to I recently lost my place to stay now I had my mother help me out on getting the room and they knew it yet felt the need to address me after I had already been staying there for at least a week I found that to be very disrespectful. On top of this the same person proceeds to repeatedly remind us that our service animal who is very well cared for and disaplined is not to be here next time and if he is to find any uran or smells of the sort we will not be allowed to stay again. I stated my animal is very well trained going on 8years of age I can almost promise she listens better then most elementary school children. But he failed at his job of keeping things on the straight and narrow correctly do to the hallways usually always smelled of burnt pills! Which raises the worry that at any second the police and ambulance could have been taking a over dosed person into public around your children but you may not come back if your animal that understands better then most people makes any mess of any kind hair, drool, dog food or a simple splash of water and you will not be allowed at the hotel in future situations!? Over all clean rooms for the most part staff is a little on edge and kind of rude but if we are being straight forward it was a place to stay. Maybe 3 stars I guess depending on your preferences

    Sam Kerr
    October 05, 2023

    Honestly I have been in Greeley for a long time and had been to this location on a few times over the years. However this time while staying here I am amazed at how much this has turned around. It is very clean with a friendly staff, and priced exceptionally well for the quality of the stay. I would recommend using this motel is you're looking for a nice, comfortable, clean room while staying in town.

    Gail Murray
    January 04, 2023

    Great staff. SUPER CLEAN rooms. Affordable pricing. In the older part of Greeley, which is quite lovely. The night I arrived @1:30, after driving 14 hrs, the night attendant assisted me and carried some luggage to my room! She was awesome!

    L D
    September 10, 2022

    Nice place to stay. It was very clean! NO stained/burn mark sheets. The matress was awesome. (Only 2 pillows though) Fridge and microwave in room. Ask for blow dryer at front desk. The only negative is there was no chain on door and the water pressure in shower was low. Breakfast was danishes and muffins.

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