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    Sandy Anderson
    February 04, 2024

    I was so disappointed. The first time I went here everything was perfect. Loved it. This time however they had to redo my order, probably a couple times. They told me when we ordered that our order would be ready in 10-15 minutes. Well it finally came 45 minutes later. I heard them talk about my order and the guy said he made it wrong. They offered us free cookies...gave me like 6 of them but considering the wait...I personally would rather of had something to drink. After we got home ... We realized the sauces were also wrong and the order still wasn't correct. Sorry guys you all really blew it this time and the sad part is that you weren't even that busy.

    Randy Rochford
    February 27, 2024

    I think tonight was by far the worst experience I've ever had with D.P Dough Greeley. I ordered two things: Roni Rolls and a Milk Shake and they we're 35 minutes late with my delivery order. I consider this to be extremely late especially for living close by to the bounds of the University. I called to check-in on my order and the woman who answered my call seemed to not care about my inquiry on my order. She told me they we're an hour behind on orders and had only one driver. By the time I got my food, it was cold. Please work on getting more drivers for your store, improving the quality on your customer service, and the timing of your orders. $18.99 + Tip. I feel jipped.

    Gabi Aspromonte
    April 07, 2024

    I hate to give this place a 2 but after our experience ce tonight I feel like I have no choice. We have been going here for years it's my husband's favorite, we ordered delivery tonight and it normally takes them a while to get over to our house we live decently far out so we are understanding for the most part. But tonight our order ended up being 40 minutes late, when the food got here we opened the food and we ordered outer dunkers and calzone well done they were both soggy, no big we popped it in the air fryer for a few minutes and it was good to go but even after air frying the calzone the dough on the thick crust of the calzone was raw and doughy so that just goes to show how undercooked it would've been if we hadn't air fryed. Very disappointing I feel like they've gone down hill lately.

    Josh Chavez
    March 18, 2023

    Quality has been horrendous. Used to love DP dough. For the past year or so, quality has diminished to a painfully low extent. Last few times I tried it, there was always something wrong with the order so we gave up on them. After a while, decided to give them a chance tonight. Ordered online and showed up 1 minute before the email estimated that it would be ready. I sent my wife in while I waited in the car. She text me that staff told her it would be 5 minutes. Got order after ~15. She did comment that staff was quite polite and nice to her. Received order and went home. Opened order, one was cut oddly. Should have been cut in half, but was cut closer to 10/90. This one was also not fully cooked so the dough was still raw at parts. I took a photo showing both the cut and the dough appearance. Could not eat it tonight, instead I'll eat pizza rolls from the microwave and worry about cooking this thing later. Completely disappointed and salty over the experience. Their strong suit is the late night delivery. Perhaps their quality approves after midnight. Would not know anymore because I refuse to order again. So disappointing

    Colleen DeVault
    February 24, 2024

    Took 45+ minutes to get our order when we were told it would only be about 10-15 minutes. Had people come in and order after us that got their food before us. (Seemed like most of them were personal friends of the staff so theirs was made a priority) Even the people that ordered after us and received their food before us got an apology and free cookies for how long they had to “wait”. Finally got home with our food to find dark hairs in it. Inedible. Not a hair net or glove in site which is concerning, especially when the guy making the food has a long dark ponytail and a greasy hat on. Would not recommend. Will not be returning.

    D.P. Dough

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