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    January 08, 2024

    Almost every time I order a medium fry it’s half full. We love Chick-fil-A but this is a bummer.

    Haid3rs !
    January 16, 2024

    This has one of the most delicious chicken sandwiches, nuggets, and other stuff I've ever laid my taste buds on! And don't get me started on the Chick-fil-A Sauce! It just goes super well with the chicken! 15/5, would AMAZINGLY recommend!

    Timm Smith
    November 30, 2023

    This is an excellent fast food restaurant to visit. Great food, excellent service, and the amount of time to receive the food from ordering is great. The biggest gripe I have is how long the wait is in the drive thru line... but that's just how it is at Chick-fil-A because everyone wants to eat there! (A good problem to have!) This location has always clean, and the atmosphere is welcoming.

    Mark Rocha
    November 08, 2023

    Long line moved very fast. Not as bad as I thought. Great food and service too. Love those waffle potato fries. Still in my top five places for a quick lunch.

    eric heinz
    December 19, 2023

    To start off with I love chic filet, but this time it was not gooooood! I travel a lot and eat chic filet a lot! This is the very 1st time I have wrote a bad review ever for them! I use the app ALL THE TIME. WE MAXED OUT THE APP AT OVER 200 DOLLARS. I HAVE NEVER HAD A ISSUE WITH THE APP EVER. TILLLLLLLL NOW SUPPOSEDLY THE APP LIES AND IS BROKEN RIGHT FROM THE MGRS MOUTH. The app states we will track your driving so your food will be ready when you arrive. Nope not this time! The Mgr said that the app is broken and it's not their fault. Just so you know I asked 3 times are you sure because I write reviews ALL THE TIME LOOK IN MY PROFILE! I HAVE OVER 14 MILLION VIEWS YES 14 MILLION VIEWS!!! SHE said it does not track you and tell you that your food would be ready. I said weird I do this allllll the time. I got knowwhere with the Mgr. SHE said it was a corporate thing. So I hope if your corporate people or owners read this they fix it or tell her that it's not true! Again this is o probably the 50th time I've used the app to order food for my wrestling teams. Then I asked for a shake (sorry sir it is in cleaning mode ??!!!) What it's 845 I asked what time do you close she replied 9 I asked then why is the shake machine off? I got no answer so they lost out on an additional 15 shakes at 4.50 a shake that's quite a bit of cash they let go do to them wanting to leave quicker than they should! I honestly could not believe my eyes do to me eating at your restaurants 2 to 3 times a week. This was really a bad night and I hope your store changes their ways of operation. Close at 9 not 845 and I mean leave the shake machine on until 9pm period!! Good luck and I hope this is a good learning experience for your staff!


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